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Sex Trafficking in South Africa

Sex Trafficking in South Africa

On average, a woman or child is raped every 26 seconds and a woman is battered every 17 seconds’ making South Africa the highest reported rate of rape in the world.
Even Kenya isn’t in the same league.
With a higher crime rate than South Africa, the rape statistics in Kenya are nowhere near where they are here. In fact, the number of rapes reported to and investigated by the police annually in South Africa is more than double that are reported in England and Wales.
And England and Wales has 6 million more people than we do. And it’s four times bigger.
At first glance, one would think that our crime stats are horrific because there is not much reporting of crime here. But it appears that the reporting of rape may actually be quite accurate in this country. According to the Sexual Offences Act – which came into effect in 2006 – a victim or their representative can report a rape to the police directly. South African authorities estimate that there are 80,000 people at risk of being trafficked for sexual exploitation – the highest in the world.
South Africa have the highest number of people risk for being victimised in the sex trafficking industry. There is 80 000 people in risk of sex trafficking. The following are the measures to be taken by the South African government to stop sex trade:
1. Awareness should be raised among law enforcement, healthcare providers and citizens
2. Training of prevention services for youth at risk, especially females experiencing family violence
3. Reinforcing district-based coordination structures with reasonable geographical coverage of controls over criminal groups and individual offenders
4. Improved access to high-quality healthcare service for victims of trafficking, including psychotherapeutic care;
5) Increased conviction rates through evidence-based prosecution practices focusing on more severe penalties 
There is a high number of young girls experiencing sex trafficking in South Africa. They are taken from their homes and delivered to neighboring towns, where they are used for sex with adult male clients.
The majority of sex trafficking in South Africa takes place near the borders and close to townships, with young girls being stolen from their homes or when they are on their way home from school. They have typically been drugged before being taken away by men who pose as job recruiters or trustworthy individuals under false pretenses. The child faces horrible abuse, violence and isolation while living in exploitation.
There are many isolated cases of sex trafficking take place near the borders and close to townships, located near protected areas or national reserves, where a majority of people are poor. Farmers will sell their children into earlier marriages or they will more often send their daughters out as prostitutes because there is no other way for them to make money with so few resources in those communities.

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