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Author: Thembi Ntahane KaMahlangu

Book Review: He Saw The Storm

Thembi Ntahane KaMahlangu, an established South African Female Author, Poet, Motivational Speaker and Teacher graced me with her presence as a guest on my podcast, The Pertinent Influence to discuss her debut novel “He Saw The Storm” detailing the ups and downs of matrimony, sexual abuse, culture, womanhood and criminality.

”He Saw The Storm follows the story of Nomgqibelo Cazi who shortly after the death of her husband leaves behind her parents and child to seek employment in the city of Pretoria. This is where she steals the heart of a man called Banzi Magalela, not knowing that there’s a storm brewing in the midst of her newly found love flame.”

South Africa: Culture vs Human Rights.

The every-day realities depicted in Thembi’s book is symbolic to the many South African injustices we have become acquainted with almost to a point of no return. With Gender Based-Violence on the rise and debates about whether or not South Africa and/or Africa as a continent should do away with some of it’s old-age traditions remains on the lips of those (like me) who are concerned about the harmful effects caused towards women and children, especially. It is no secret that the South African society is patriarchal at its best and there are still ongoing battles that continue to make concepts such ”equality and equity” an almost impossible manifestation.  When Cultural norms such as Ukuthwala (arranged/forced marriages which can involve young girls) in South Africa or Kusasa Fumbi (sexual cleansing act practiced on young girls) in countries like Congo have proven over time to clash with international human right laws, where do we draw the line as an African society? Most importantly are we ready to discuss these conversations without becoming defensive about narratives we may have never considered when it comes to culturalism? As I unravel my conversation withThembi, it is clear that there is more that needs to be done in our society and maybe it begins with one book at a time….

About The Author

Growing up to be the powerhouse that she is today, Thembi made a discovery at a tender age that she has always been a word-smith at heart. The love she found in reading and writing has led her to a journey of being a triple threat and this beauty continues to soar where her dreams take her. Her story-telling is centered around real people with real experiences that she is exposed to and she aims to empower yet educate the South African society about these issues through her passion for story-telling.

I look forward to seeing more Thembi’s in this world…a world where women embrace their art whether through storytelling or being a voice, humanity depends on it.





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