Don’t allow people to tear you down.

Don’t allow people to tear you down.

I think one of the worst things that most of us might have experienced one way or the other is being torn down by somebody that you held in high regard.

I’ve been through it myself and to be quite honest it affected me deeply in ways that I couldn’t quite piece together.

I had a friend I genuinely looked up to and felt deeply inspired by. They were a representation of what broken pieces look like when they’re put back together again–beautifully chaotic.

I admired their strength and the rawness of which it came, it was like no other that I’ve seen or heard before. Have you ever been in awe of somebody for merely existing because somehow their existence made life a little more purposeful? Well, that’s how I felt whenever their presence graced the atmosphere of my world.

In my eyes, they wore greatness like a fitted crown.

Unfortunately, my world became a little darker when I had realized that the person I deeply admired for all that they stood for became the person who didn’t mind shooting me down even at the expense of breaking my heart in the meanwhile. To say I felt inadequate afterwards would be an understatement, I felt depressed in the meanwhile drowning in my own tears of sadness.

I didn’t understand why they couldn’t just walk away in silence without tearing me apart but it took me awhile to realise it was their intention.

The reason why people tear us down is because they never saw value in us and the reason why it breaks us so much is because we don’t expect the heartbreak or the devaluing to come from them. You trust them and with that trust you assume that a line wouldn’t be crossed, not even when the going gets tough.

The significance behind molding and crafting our self-esteem so that other people are not able to take it away from us is truly important and something I would like to emphasize at best. What people think of you shouldn’t matter because it’s not their power to have, it’s yours.

You are not limited to people’s opinions of you but that of God and yourself and therefore why should the rest matter?

Lastly, surround yourself with people that genuinely care about you. People that won’t tear you down or make you feel less than. People who won’t devalue you at every chance they get or threaten to do so. People who mean by what they say and won’t wake up the next day wishing you were dead.

You are deserving of a little bit of kindness in the meanwhile ensuring that you give it back in return by supporting the other person and clapping at their achievements. They matter too.

Much Love

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  1. Robor

    Much love
    I truly believe that the main reason people tear us down is because they envy what they see in us and what they lack in themselves. It comes from a place of self-hate and insecurity. But we get torn down when we don’t truly know ourselves and who we are. It took me a while to get here but now that I am here, whenever a person tries it, I see it as them trying to reflect themselves onto me and it doesn’t bother me cos I know who I am in Christ and the queen I was created to be.

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