Angry mouths reveal truthful hearts.

Angry mouths reveal truthful hearts.

The saying, “Listen to what people say when they are angry because that’s when the truth comes out” is a simple quotation that carries significant impact to the truth it holds.

When a person is angry they usually blurt out what they have always thought about you but had kept to themselves. Their anger is a motivation for the thoughts that manifest themselves in hurtful words targeted at you and those words are usually a build up of a personal relationship they’ve had with you for a while but a relationship which of course was centered on lies.

And I say ‘lies’ because the emphasize of their words during their angry rant were not present in the time of which you might have blindly thought your relationship with that person was sincere and heart-felt. Instead, you only got to understand that the feelings weren’t mutual so-much-so that the blindfold on your eyes had to be removed by their words which are a representation of what they truly and deeply think about you as an individual.

It is hard to come to terms that people rarely mean what they say hence so many relationships come to a dreadful end. They may tell you they love you but behind their hearts they say to themselves, “who does she think she is?”. They may tell you that they will always be there for you but behind the scenes they may even wish you death.

People are good pretenders, in fact I’ve personally come across master pretenders or rather people who may sense naivety in you and therefore use it to their honor. You take them back a million times, you love them a trillion times over but if they were given an option to stick a knife in your heart, they would do it without battering an eyelash in the pain which it causes.

Here’s my top 3 lessons I’ve learnt when it comes to trust and people:

1. I’ve learnt to stop wearing my heart outside my shredded and unpatched sleeve.
2. I’ve learnt to trust a little less and it’s unbelievably sad that it took one person for me to become this way.
3. I’ve learnt to stop putting effort and energy into people when I don’t place that into myself.

I spent more time caring and loving for people than I have ever done for myself and it’s because of this that my heart has become slightly worn out.

Never again.

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  1. Robor

    One thing that I have learnt about this thing called life is to never trust people but rather trust God in them. And if you don’t see Christ in them, that will determine how close they will be to you and how you will treat them. I mean you will still treat them with respect but also with the knowledge that as long as they are not like Christ(from having a personal relationship with Him) or have Christ in them, whether they go to church or read their bible everyday(cause the devil knows the word of God) then they should not be given the Trust as thought they were deserving of it.
    Experiences are lessons that teach us about life and the world we live in but they are not meant to change us in the sense that we become hardened by them but rather we grow as we know and we are more skilful and careful in the way we do things from the knowledge we have acquired from these experiences…

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