It was his time, yours will come too.

It was his time, yours will come too.

A few days ago I shared a post on Facebook celebrating a friend of mine for receiving a job opportunity after so many years of him waiting. I just want to thank you guys for celebrating him with me and wishing him well for his success. I didn’t get the chance to share the messages with him from you guys but do know that I’m personally grateful for them.

He had been through a lot and I could have sworn I danced around in my room like a mad person because of how overjoyed I was.

His story is truly inspirational and although I didn’t go into much detail, it was really an emotional day for me because somebody I cared about was given a second chance at life again and a chance I thought they deserved. I couldn’t help but scream the news publicly due to being overwhelmed with joy and a sense of relief.

God is so good and I want you to hold onto this truth that he bas not overlooked you. Pray, try and repeat…by doing this you can never go wrong.

I promise.

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