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Tea-time just became a movement all thanks to this South African brand.

Hi there, Jelly Beans.

I’m back at it again but this time I thought I should share my thoughts on quite an impressive marketing strategy implemented by a well-known and respected South African brand that I recently came across during my little exploration on social media.

First of all, please do note that this is NOT a sponsored blog post from the brand itself but rather view this as a fellow South African blogger who finds it easy to sing praises for a brand that not only lives up to it’s quality products but their ability to contribute to a much large-scaled society such as South Africa, a country that is going through a really tough political season if I could put it that way.

So, I was delightfully surprised to see this notable tea brand currently creating emphasize on the dark realities happening in the country surrounding the Gender Based Violence crises. It’s not every day that local South African brands take a stand on issues that truly affect their beloved consumers. In fact, I am even confident enough to say it’s quite a rarity to have a brand put itself out there in support of their consumers or target audience without being prompted to do so if push comes to shove.

I mean if I look at the George Floyd case for instance and how everybody all of a sudden became ”cheerleaders” for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, it was so easy for high-end cosmetic and fashion brands to go out there and hold up the same banner of support on social media for the sake of public acceptance however not really considering the context behind what people–specifically people of colour were rallying about. For many of those brands, it was mostly about wanting to trend for seemingly appearing to be diversified within their respected entities more than anything else. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have needed the tragic death of one black man to catalyst some changes within their entities that they admitted to being guilty and complacent of when it comes to the racial and even gender inequalities they were questioned for in public.

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Not so long ago I took this debate on my Facebook social media platform questioning the role that brands should have in our society over and above just providing us with products or services on our shelves or doorstep. In the meanwhile we’ve seen brands carrying the backlash for promoting certain ideologies or beliefs that were proven dramatically biased when investigated further by the public eye, the TresEMME and Clicks sage probably coming to mind when making light of this as both parties involved showed a lack of regard for their ‘error’ and not taking into consideration their target audience as well as the country’s political and cultural diversities.

JOKO’s tea-time is my cup of style.

Joko seems to be getting it right lately as they have created a campaign highlighting the Gender Based Violence reality additionally having various calls for action that consumers can take part in. What I love about this particular campaign is that Joko seems to have dedicated their entire website in producing content surrounding this topic but also making sure that the content is easy on the eye and educational enough for people of all ages to relate too. Additionally, they’ve done an excellent job by involving their target market into the interaction which usually involves creating polls, Q&As, commentary etc but also giving a sense of hope to the people that a brand such as themselves don’t only care about their sales charts, rather they care about the real everyday hero’s whom ensure those charts exist in the first place.

JOKO is an example of a brand that centers it’s story for the people and by the people, because of this they can never go wrong as a brand.

The Pertinent Influence stands with you JOKO because you stood with us as women and as citizens.

Siyabonga, Thank you for all that you do to fighting the cause with us!

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Much Love xoxo

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