You are currently viewing Bizarre! You find slavery controversial?? 40 Get to Know Me Questions.

Bizarre! You find slavery controversial?? 40 Get to Know Me Questions.

As my very first post I decided to do something a little fun and light-hearted for the readers out there who might be a little curious to know who I am. This is just for you to get to know me, but also to wittingly tickle your curious big minds even if it’s through some of the weird questions you might have or wish you could asked.

40 Get to Know Me Questions….Let the Hunger Games begin!

1. So, have you ever met any criminal or psychopath in your life?

 I’m pretty sure I have other than myself of course lol

2. Do you love your name?

Yes, I do. Thobeka is a South African name from the Nguni/isiZulu Tribe and it means “Humility”.

3. So, which is your favorite exercise style?

Chewing. (lol don’t look at me like that…chewing actually does help with your jawline. So grab a pizza and have the jaw of your dreams!)

4. Dogs or Cats?

Dogs. Always dogs.

5. So, have you ever met any pet Chimpanzee?

Lol I love how casual the word “met” is as though meeting with a Chimpanzee over a nice cup of starbucks is worth the consideration of a norm. But no, I have not met one. I’d rather leave the mastery to Jane Goodall.

6. How many siblings do you have?

None, unfortunately. Me, Myself and I as Beyonce would sing.

7. So, whom do you love the most between your mom and dad?

Mother bear.

8. Are you allergic to any particular food?

Not that I know off. I just DISLIKE particular foods i.e Avo-ca(n’t)-do(n’t.)

9. Prawns or Crabs?

Prawns. I haven’t had crab before.

10. What is your current height?

170cm or 5’6

11. So, is there any fragrance that can drive you crazy?

Elizabeth Arden fragrances are starting to become a genuine obsession!

12. What is the color of your eyes?

Dark Brown. 

13. Do you love your hair?

Lol yes TresEmme, I do.

14. Have you ever fantasized anyone?

Yes I have. Crushes mostly.

15. Shopaholic or Workaholic?

Definitely a Workaholic so as to make the Shopaholic dream possible! *wink

16. What is your signature attire?

I would say tight fitted dresses and headwraps.

17. Is there any particular thing you are afraid of?

Uhm…I would say not accomplishing my purpose would probably be my fear factor.

18. What is your dream honeymoon place?

An Island destination for sure!

19. When do you usually go to bed at night?

11-12pm. depends on my moods etc.

Get to know me20. What is the one thing you do naturally, but very few can’t do?

I find myself apologizing to people even when I’m not in the wrong. I deem this both good and bad at the same time.

21. So, what is the most romantic thing a couple can do on Valentine’s day?

Loyalty. Just loyalty.

22. Do you believe in God and other Supernatural things?

Yes I do and I’m unapologetic about it either.

23. Have you ever spent a night in a haunted house?

Yes but not in the way people might envision when they hear the word “haunted”. Sometimes a house can be cursed with bad energy and that on its own is haunting because it can affect your body, mind and soul.

24. So, what is the most adventurous thing you have done?

Wow…I’ve just blanked out…I know I’ve done something I just can’t seem to remember, hehe sorry!

25. What was the brand name of your first cell phone?

LG. (-sigh…when life was really good back then…)

26. At which age did you start using the internet?

Zygotic years old. I know that I reached my teens knowing how to use a phone.

27. So, what is your favorite breakfast item?

Bacon, toast, eggs, sausages, fresh juice, cereal. yummies!

28. Are you interested in the current socio and political affairs of your country?

That’s my space, baby. Welcome to my blog by the way! *wink

29. Is there anything you believed after a long time?

Oh yes certainly. There has been a lot of things I had to unlearn during my little journey of life which I will share as time goes on.

30. What is the best compliment you have ever received?

Personality compliments are always the best and I thank the people who continuously shower me with them! I love you!

31. What is the most controversial thing have you ever seen on social media?

The concept of Slavery is not as what most people make it out to be and that’s why the interference of media annoys me just a little sometimes because it plays a huge role in how we define slavery to begin with.

32. Luxury cosmetics or cheap alternatives?

It depends…

33. So, is there any superstition you believe?

Yes, there’s a South African superstition whereby we have something called uTokolosh, (pronounced exactly as spelt) It’s a short creature that preys on the innocence of children mostly. When I incorporate it with my Christian believes, I do believe it’s a demonic entity and doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of some Narnia fantasy creature but we can go as deep as to say perhaps the modern trends of what we see of child abuse are something that can be perpetuated through what the superposition is ultimately trying to convey.

34. Can you enact any movie scene?

“Run forest RUUUUUUUNNNNN” lol did I do good?

35. Which is your favorite movie sequel?

Rush hour! lol

36. Horror or Thriller?

Definitely both.

37. So, who is your favorite animation character?

Double D from Ed, Edd n Eddy, Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls…omg I have so many!

38. So, which kind of books do you love to read?

Non-fiction books that usually illustrate social injustices around the world.

39.  What is your most favorite web series on NetFlix?

I LOoove Suits because I also aspire to be a lawyer one day and because Harvey Specter is literally my Netflix husband lol. Oh and local South African programmes, Blood n Water as well as Queen Sono!

Bonus Question…

40. Do you think you are a strong person?

I try to be. I think strength is learnt everyday. In my ideal world, if you’re willing to learn and unlearn things. You my friend are strong.

Thank you everyone for the entertaining Get to Know Me session. I will have many, MANY more in the future and of course more “pertinent” content coming your way.

I’m Thobeka F. and it’s so delightful to meet you!

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